Located at one of the windiest spots in Greece, Meltemi Windsurf Rhodes caters for freeriders, freestylers and wave riders, but also for beginners in the morning. Constant and steady winds, predominantly at side onshore conditions, allow comfortable and safe soul surfing sessions until sunset with 3 – 7 Bft and water temperatures up to 26°C in August and September.


Georges and his team of experienced, motivated instructors and beach support. We speak English, German, Greek, and French.

Rhodes, one of the windiest spots in the Aegean.

The regular summer wind, Meltemi, blowing side shore, provides moderate winds in the mornings (2-3 Bft) suiting beginners, whilst picking up in ther afternoon to 4 – 7- bft, supported by a local thermal effect, creating ideal conditions for the advanced surfers and pros. Soul surfing into the setting sun. Wave freaks will enjoy the days with the strong and more northern Tramontana winds, particularly in spring and autumn, creating a soft shore break.
Safety comes first. We permanently monitor the waters from our new beach watch tower, and have our rescue boat ready, just in case.