Come fly with us on our new Wing Foil.

Wing foil is the newest water sport which is a combination of wind foiling, kite foiling, and surfing. Unlike other foiling sports, Wing foil does not require any previous experience! Wing foil offers many advantages over windsurf and kitesurf:

  • The learning process is much faster than wind foil and kite foil: before to be able to get on a foil in windsurfing and kitesurf, you must be first an advanced rider on a traditional board, which require already many weeks, even months of practice!
  • The equipment is smaller and lighter, unlike wind foil which needs a bigger board, a heavier rig (sail, mast, boom). In kite foil, you have already about 20 meters lines, a kite which has to be all the time in the air, and usually a second person to assist you in taking off and landing the kite. You also need less material, only one board and one wing which cover a big wind range, meaning you don t need to spend a fortune unlike wind and kite foil, where you usually need different sizes of sails, kites…
  • Wing foil is definitely safer: you don t have a mast or boom in front of you like wind foil, no kite lines, fewer parts of equipment that could break; you have only your board and your wing. Even if you need to reach the beach in case the wind drops totally, no problem: just lay down on your board, keep your wing on your leash, and just paddle back to shore, in wind foil and kite foil this method would take a looooooonger time!

In general, wing foil is more versatile in every way; less material to transport, is faster to inflate than a kite, or rig your sail, you need less wind, it is safer, the learning process requires only a few hours!

Last but not least, being able to manipulate the wing in any way you want, wing foil gives you more freedom than you can imagine!

We offer rental packages and different training programs, from discovery sessions to a full training package.

Learn how to fly above the water within only a few hours of practice