The best boards from Roberto Ricci Designs, and Tabou, Sails by Ezzy Sails, Stand up paddle boards from Fanatic.

More than 50 boards and sails; Top Equipment from the top brands for all wind conditions!

Choose your equipment from an extensive range of boards and sails, according to wind conditions, your skills and individual preference. We also offer wetsuits and harnesses.


Our board range comprises beginner boards of various sizes up to 220 liters, Freeride Boards from 105 to 135 liters, Freestyle/wave Boards from 80 to 120 liters, Wave and Radical Wave Boards from 75 to 100 liters.


Our top sails by Ezzy Sails. They cover a wide range to cater for all local wind and wave conditions. Our sails are completely rigged with booms and harness lines. Superlight kid’s rigs are available for our young surfers.

At MELTEMI WINDSURF RHODES you can choose and rent your equipment out of our pool system. We are not offering fix boards, just change your gear depending of the wind and water conditions.

The most popular boards by Roberto Ricci Design, and Tabou Boards; Sails by Ezzy Sails.